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Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Family Coverage

Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) is an extension of SGLI that allows service members to expand their SGLI insurance to cover their spouse and dependent children. FSGLI allows you to insure your spouse up to $100,000 in $10,000 increments and to insure your dependent children up to $10,000. Your spouse’s coverage may not be more than your coverage under SGLI. The soldier is the primary beneficiary of FSGLI. If two soldiers are married they can be insured by both FSGLI and SGLI for a total maximum of $500,000.

If you are married when your SGLI coverage begins or you marry and immediately request the maximum coverage for your spouse, you can receive FSGLI without a spousal health screening. If you choose not to do this, you do have the option of insuring your spouse later or increasing the coverage amount but proof of good health will be required. Spousal premiums are based on the age of the spouse.

FSGLI has a hardship Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO) that allows the service member to access up to 50% of the total face value of the spouse’s insurance if the spouse is terminally ill and expected to live less than nine months.

Eligibility for FSGLI is the same as with SGLI except that persons on active duty or inactive duty training are excluded from FSGLI.

Dependent children who are eligible for FSGLI include all natural-born children and legally adopted children under the age of 18, dependent step-children under the age of 18, permanently incapable children of any age and children 18-23 who are pursuing an educational or vocational degree at an approved institution. Dependent children are added to FSGLI for free. A stillborn child is also covered under FSGLI so that the parents may receive benefits to handle this loss.

FSGLI terminates 120 days after separation from service. Coverage for a spouse and children may not be transferred to VGLI but they can be insured using other private insurance companies and the FSGLI policy is transferable.

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