What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Standard Overseas Overview

The TRICARE Standard Overseas plan provides coverage to family members of active duty service members and retired members and that are not enrolled in TRICARE Prime Overseas. The TRICARE Extra option is not available overseas. Enrollment is typically not required for TRICARE Standard as long as you have all of your currently reported information is up to date and accurate. When you use this plan you will get care from host nation providers. Treatment at a military facility is provide on a space available basis. With this plan you do not need a referral, but you must pay the provider up front in full and file a TRICARE claim for reimbursement. For active duty members and their families, outpatient costs are 20% of the allowable charge and inpatient is requires a per diem charge with a $25 minimum. For retired members and their family‚Äôs, outpatient care is 25% of the allowable charge and inpatient care is 25% of billed charges and 25% of covered costs billed separately.

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