What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Retired Reserve Overview

TRICARE Retired Reserve is a premium based health care plan for anyone that is a retired member of the reserve, as well as the survivors of members of the Retired Reserve. To qualify, you must be under the age of 60 and be ineligible for, or not have Federal Employee Health benefits. The premiums for this plan are higher than most of the plans that the military offers for active members. This is because active members are usually in greater need for health benefits than those that are not active. The member only coverage premium is $408.01 per month and the member and family coverage is $1,020.05 per month. For inpatient care with a network provider you must pay $250 per day, and $535 with one that is not in your network. Network providers require a 20% cost share, whereas non-network is a 25% cost share - both are separately billed services. Much like a lot of the other plans, outpatient care is 20% negotiated rate for in network and 25% of the TRICARE allowable charge for any non-network care.

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