What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas Overview

TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas is only offered in specifically designated remote overseas locations. If you decide to enroll, your coverage will begin as soon as your completed enrollment application is received. TRICARE teamed with International SOS in order to provide the best local provider as well and facilities in order to provide the best network of qualified and licensed physicians in overseas remote areas. One drawback from this plan is that since the coverage is so thorough, it only covers active duty service members and not their families. As the name of the plan implies, it is only for those who are overseas and in remote areas. The advantage is that if you are stationed to serve remotely overseas, as long as it is offered in your area, your family may be able to sign up for the TRICARE Prime benefits. This plan requires no copayment or out of pocket costs for the active service member that has opted to enroll. Generally, if you are eligible for this plan you should enroll, as it has the best coverage for service in remote overseas locations.

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