What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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My HealtheVet Program Overview

My HealtheVet (MHV) is an online tool that has been introduced by the VA to streamline, organize and optimize the care of Veterans, active duty soldiers and their dependents using internet and computer technologies. My HealtheVet is a completely secure system that works as an information resource and as a personal medical tool connecting patients with their healthcare providers. My HealtheVet provides:

  • Health care information and resources
  • Veteran specific information, resources and links to benefits
  • A Personal Health Journal
  • Online prescription refills and the ability to track medications by Rx number and name
  • View VA Wellness reminders
  • Portions of your VA records
  • The ability to print a wallet medical card with all your pertinent medical information
  • The ability to track personal medical and family care, vitals, medical providers and emergency contacts
  • View appointments online
  • Secure messaging with many VA Health Care Providers
  • Coming soon you will be able to see co-pay balances and have access to RSS news feed which will make it possible for My HealtheVet users to have the latest MHV information at all times

The idea behind My HealtheVet is to empower veterans with a tool that will enable them to easily track and take control of all their medical and healthcare needs in one place. The website saves time and prevents confusion and mistakes that are common with paper records. Any Veteran, service member or dependent that has already signed up as a Veteran Patient can use MHV. To access all the features of My HealtheVet you will need to upgrade your My HealtheVet account by completing a one time In-Person Authentication (IPA) at your local VA.

The IPA ensures security and helps to introduce you to My HealtheVet and answer any questions you may have about the features of the system. To complete the IPA, the Veteran must be registered as a Veteran Patient, watch the MHV orientation video, read and fill out the forms including a VA Release Form, and present a current form of government-issued photo identification in person at a VA facility. Most VA facilities now have a My HealtheVet coordinator that makes this process simple and quick.

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