What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Blindness Rehabilitation

The VA offers blindness rehabilitation services for veterans and service members on active duty who have low or no vision. They not only work with the veteran to improve quality of life, but also work with the family to educate them regarding vision impairment. The program aims to heal the Veteran and family as individuals and as a whole.

The blindness rehabilitation program is concerned with the emotional stability of the individual and their family. They provide training for the individual in adjusting to blindness and using low vision aids. Low vision aid training includes electronic assistance, telling time, learning Braille, assembling outfits, learning to communicate and work with trained guide dogs, and more.

The VA blindness rehabilitation program also provides structural adaptations to the home to make it easier and safer to navigate, and educates family members so that they will not feel overburdened by care giving and can provide a supportive environment.

The Visual Impairment Services Team Coordinators provide services at all VA medical facilities. It is their concern to successfully rehabilitate visually impaired service members and veterans into society as independent, happy individuals. Disability compensation and career counseling may also be available.

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