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Yellow Ribbon Program Overview

If you've heard about the Yellow Ribbon Program and Yellow Ribbon schools, then you're probably wondering what exactly it is. Stated as simply as possible, the Yellow Ribbon Program is part of the post-9/11 GI Bill designed to encourage military recruitment and reward veterans and those who have served in the military by helping fund advanced education. Yellow Ribbon schools are those schools participating in this program.

Yellow Ribbon funding doesn't necessarily cover the entirety of a student's tuition. The program's fund are determined by the highest possible in-state undergraduate tuition. So a student attending a private college or a school with higher fees than the highest in-state undergraduate tuition will be able to use the Yellow Ribbon program to cover a portion of, or even the majority of their tuition and fees, but may have to look elsewhere to cover the remainder of those costs.

Luckily, military service and funding through the Yellow Ribbon Program look good on scholarship and loan applications, so even beyond the financial coverage provided, the Yellow Ribbon Program makes it much easier for those who have served in the military to pursue higher learning than ever before.

Funding is determined by the schools who have voluntarily aligned with the program. A school will set a certain amount that it can accept and the VA will meet that amount. The amount is determined by a number of factors such as credits hours earned, total tuition and so on. In short: the Yellow Ribbon Program may or may not guarantee full scholarship to the school of the student's choice, but rather, is a way to encourage recruitment, encourage advanced learning after a career in the military and to give soldiers an advantage in the field of academics in exchange for their service to their country.

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