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Who is Eligible for Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA)?

The Air Force Tuition Assistance Program has been a great help to those who wish to pursue advanced learning outside of the military, and most people who serve in the Air Force would be well advised to take full advantage of this program. Who is Eligible?

As you can imagine, eligibility primarily demands enrollment in the Air Force. More specifically, consider the following eligible groups of people:

  • Applicant is serving active duty in United States Air Force.
  • Applicant is serving active duty in United States Air National Guard.
  • Applicant is Air Force Reservist.
  • Applicant is Air National Guard Reservist.

You need to consider other requirements, too, of course. Applicants who have yet to serve active duty may not be accepted, for instance. In any event, you can talk about the program with your commanding officer.

You do not need your supervisor or C.O.'s stamp of approval in order to seek funding, but you are required to provide an educational goal. In truth, your goal needn't be too specific. You may simply be wishing to learn a trade to leave that option open in your life, or you may wish to pursue a number of courses in order to keep many options available to you.

Though not "required," it is still a good idea to seek counsel with your supervising officer before applying for Air Force Tuition Assistance, as a positive review from your supervisor will go a long way, and you will need to ensure that you meet all requirements before you fill out the application form.

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