What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation’s motto is “Ensuring a College Education for Those They Left Behind.” Though dedication, hard work, and intensive fundraising, its goal is to make sure that children of all veterans that died in the line of duty who want to go to a college or vocational institution are able to do so.

The CFPF is a broad-based non-profit organization that serves children of fallen servicemen and women of all branches of the armed services. It actively seeks to enroll these children as soon as possible, regardless of age. By registering children prior to their college education, they hope to provide educational guidance and counseling, as well as peace of mind to the surviving parent knowing that the goal of a post-secondary education will be financially viable.

Enrollment is simple. CFPF has its own straightforward registration form that can be completed online or printed and mailed in. Next, you need to send in copies of the DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data, and the DD Form 1300, Report of Casualty. When the child is in (or about to attend) college, send in the eligibility determination from the Veterans Administration and the information on college costs. If maintaining a scholarship with the CFPF, a current transcript with grade point average must also be sent in.

There is no minimum or maximum aid amount guaranteed by the Foundation. The CFPF want to bridge the gap between the survivor’s benefits children may be eligible through the Veterans Administration and the actual cost of the education program. Funding is determined by what is needed by the student, which other programs the student has at his or her disposal (Pell Grants, private scholarships), and the amount of money the Foundation actually has.

As of 2012, the Foundation has provided 233 scholarships and have total of 1000 children enrolled in its program. Privacy laws prevent the Foundation from receiving direct information from the armed services regarding deceased service members’ families; therefore, they are unable to reach all the dependents that are eligible.  CFPF estimates that there are approximately 15,000 children out there they could assist if 1) they could find them or 2) if their name was better known. You can assist with their mission through financial donations, helping spread the word about this organization, and by “liking” their Facebook page.

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