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Scholarships Questions and Answers

Military scholarships enhance the quality of life for service members and their families. It is no surprise to discover that a number of agencies provide scholarship programs for military children. This article focuses on the Fisher House Foundation and the associated military scholarship programs that they offer to the military family community, military children specifically.

This particular military scholarship program promotes a forward pathway toward achievement, opportunity, and growth in military children. The Fisher House Scholarships for Military Children Program has awarded more than $8.3 million in ten years. The following Q&A session will help you get started:

Q. How is the scholarship funded?
A. Primarily through the generous contributions of suppliers and manufacturers who provide products to military commissaries.

Q. What is the role of the Fisher House Foundation?
A. The Foundation underwrites the administration of this military scholarship program.

Q. What is the average scholarship value per commissary location?
A. $1500 minimum will be awarded per location to qualified applicants.

Q. What expenses are covered by the Scholarship for Military Children?
A. Payment of tuition, lab fees, books and other related educational expenses are included.

Q. Who can apply for the scholarship?
A. Any unmarried child under the age of 23, provided that they are the dependent of active duty, reserved, or a retired military member. Survivor rules also apply.

Q. Are there any conditions of current college or university enrollment?
A. Scholarship applicants must be enrolled, or scheduled to enroll, in an accredited, full-time undergraduate degree program.

Q. What are the GPA requirements?
A. A minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0 applies to both college and high school applicants.

Q. Are there restrictions concerning location?
A. No. Applications are permitted to submit their requests at any military installation that has a commissary.

Q. Must applications be delivered in person?
A. Students may submit completed applications in person, by UPS, Fed Ex, or mail.

Q. May I request an application by mail?
A. Either request your application in person, or download your application from Scholarship for Military Children.

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