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Salute to Spouses Scholarship-Bryant and Stratton Online College

The Salute to Spouses Scholarship is an in-house scholarship offered by Bryant and Stratton Online College. Originating over 100 years ago in New York as a brick-and mortar institution, Bryant and Stratton College has expanded to 16 more campuses in four states as well as an online program. This for-profit career college is accredited by multiple state agencies, and its online program parallels its physical campuses in following state guidelines and requirements for granting Associate and Bachelor degrees and certificates. The college has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Bryant and Stratton offers five Bachelor’s degrees; Bachelor’s of Business Administration in accounting or general management, and Bachelor’s of Science in criminal justice, financial services, and health services administration. An Associate’s in Occupational Studies (AOS) can be earned in information technologies (focusing on mobile application development). There are also twelve Associate’s of Science degrees and ten professional certificates to choose from.

Applying to this scholarship is quite easy. Simply fill out the online form, write a 250-word essay on how Bryant and Stratton College and the Salute to Spouses scholarship will help you achieve your goals, and be prepared to prove that you are a high school graduate (or equivalent) and a military spouse.

Students may be enrolled part or full time, and must have a 3.0 grade point average and be in good standing in order to roll their scholarship over to the next semester. This scholarship can be renewed for consecutive semesters, up to a total of $6000, and can only be applied to tuition. Bryant and Stratton implemented this scholarship in response to the MyCAA program’s reduction of benefits in 2010. Most of its online degree and certificate programs meet MyCAA eligibility.

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