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Military Scholarships Tips

Here are some tips to make your scholarship hunting a better experience:

  • Start Early. Whether you are planning on joining the military next year and going to school or are planning on leaving the military and returning to school, start your scholarship search early. Many scholarship applications are due the February before the fall term they will be used. This means you should start your search and get your application started almost a year in advance. It’s not a bad idea to start even earlier than that if you are active duty. You may find tuition assistance is a better way to go while active duty. If you are awarded a scholarship but decide to stay in the military, often you can ask for a scholarship deferment.
  • Treat scholarship hunting like a regular job. Set time aside every day to look and apply for scholarships. Keep an ongoing file of everything and follow up on your applications. Putting forth this effort can potentially pay for college. It pays to do the work now.
  • Spend time on your essay and application. The scholarship committees look for thoughtful interesting essays. You shouldn’t rush through the application or do it last minute. Remember the committee is meeting you on this application form.
  • Use online, library and military resources to locate scholarships. If you have a particular hobby or specialty, see if there are affiliate organizations that offer scholarships related to that.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Many times military scholarships can be used in conjunction with other scholarships and aid. Receiving more than one scholarship is a good problem to have.
  • Look carefully for circumstance-specific scholarships (military and civilian). There will be fewer people applying for these scholarships and you have a better chance of getting one.
  • Apply for both military and civilian scholarships. You should apply to military specific scholarships first because the applicant pool is smaller, but don’t forget about the large pool of civilian scholarships out there.

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