What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

The banner of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation’s website is “Celebrating 50 Years of Honoring Marines by Educating their Children.” Founded in 1962, this non-profit organization provides scholarships to children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen who serve(d) with the Marines (both active duty, reserve, and retired); with special consideration given to children of those who were killed or wounded in action.

Eligibility begins with your relationship to the Marine (as listed in the previous paragraph). This is a needs- based scholarship, and the applicant’s family cannot have made more than $90,000 in adjusted gross income (line 37 on IRS form 1040). You have to have a grade point average minimum of 2.0, and you have to be enrolled in your first degree or career program; this is not for advanced training or graduate school.

The scholarships average between $6,000 and $40,000 over four years. There is no guarantee in the amount given each year; it depends on fundraising and donations. This is not an academically competitive scholarship, but due to funding limitations not everyone who is eligible for the scholarship is assured an award. The money is sent straight to your educational institution to be applied only toward the cost of your education. Should this scholarship exceed the cost of attendance because you have received other scholarships or grants, this award will be reduced. Loans do not count against you in determining financial need. Awards do not roll over year to year; if you do not use your entire award in one school year, the remainder cannot be applied to the next school year.

The application for this scholarship is located online and requires several additional pieces of paperwork. First is the DD-214 (if discharged) or a Statement of Service (if on active duty) written on official letterhead by your parent’s Commanding Officer. Next are your official transcripts, your parent’s most recent tax forms (or yours if you are independent and/or married), and a recent photograph of yourself (a headshot). These items must be scanned and uploaded with your application.

The Foundation also administers two other scholarships; the Heroes Tribute and Limited Grandchildren Eligibility. The Heroes Tribute has the same eligibility requirements, with two exceptions 1) the parent must have died in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 or have been killed in combat since then, and 2) there is no income cap for the surviving family. The Limited Grandchildren Eligibility is for grandchildren of Marines who were/are members in one of the following seven groups: the 4th, 5th, or 6th Marine Division in World War II and their respective memorial associations; the 531 Grey Ghost Squadron and its memorial association; a member of the Marine’s Memorial Association; a member of the Combat Helicopter Association; or a member of the Basic Class 3-56.

Applications are usually open from January to March. Applicants are notified in May whether or not they have been approved, and funding goes to the applicants’ schools in August. You can help this association help the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen through direct donation or volunteering your time fundraising.

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