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How to Pay for College?

Paying for college through military service is a wonderful benefit. Options include the Military Academies, ROTC, Military College Loan Repayment Programs, Military Scholarships and access to Military College Loans and Scholarships after leaving the service. In addition to the financial assistance these programs prorvide, you will benefit from life skills, personal development and job specific training.  College is a huge step and the truth is that dropout rates can be high. Practical skills learned through military training ensures that you will be focused and successful in your college career and this will carry forward with you into the rest of your life.

If you are academically inclined and can get a congressional recommendation, you might be able to go to one of the Military Academies which will pay 100% of your tuiton and expenses. These are some of the top Universities in the nation. If you are accepted, the education, training and five year Officer's salary and benefits after leaving school are incredible. Any student considering a military career should try to get into one of the academies. They are without a doubt, the best way to pay for college through military service.

ROTC also offers a wide range of programs including merit-based scholarships to attend the college of your choice in exchange for a military service commitment after leaving college. Military college loan repayment plans are similar, but you enlist in the military after finishing college and then pay your loans from a portion of your military salary.

If you decide to go to college after military service,  VA benefits provide very advantageous college savings and assistance plans through the GI Bill - up to $49,000 for honorably discharged personnel. After you leave the service, you will have access to many VA and military specific scholarships and loans. Moreover, many students opt to stay in the military while receiving specialized training in languages or computers. Carefully review your options and honestly evaluate yourself. The military can offer you the skills and flexibility you need, not only to pay for college, but also to graduate.

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