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Fleet Reserve Association Scholarships

​The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) is a non-profit organization developed to further the legislative interests of active duty, reserve, and retired enlisted members of the U.S. Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy. Founded in 1924, it has expanded its original mission to encompass a variety of other interests, including education of its members and their families. Today there are multiple local branches of the FRA that offer scholarships as well, but for the purpose of this article we will focus on the national organization.

The FRA Education Foundation offers thirteen scholarships in four categories; FRA member scholarships, Ladies Auxiliary FRA scholarships, a FRA non-member scholarship, and the Benn Scholarship. The Benn Scholarship has its own application form while the other three categories use one of two forms available in one common application packet . Each of the thirteen scholarships has differing requirements. Take good care when filling out the application to ensure correct and accurate information; improperly filling out the forms can disqualify you.

All scholarship applicants must

  • be a U.S. citizen;
  • provide one character reference and one academic reference;
  • create an activity sheet of all school and community based involvement (on a separate piece of paper);
  • prove the sponsor’s service (DD 214 or a copy, front and back, of military identification card).
  • and provide official transcripts.

All applicants must send in the appropriate application and an essay (of varying requirements). If you wish to apply to more than one scholarship category, you must send in a separate and complete application for each category.

Only one FRA non-member scholarship is available is for active duty, reservist, or retired member of the Marine Corps, Navy, or Coast Guard; their spouse, child, or grandchild. Unlike the other three categories of scholarship, the non-member scholarship sponsor must be alive; the FRA member scholarship, the Benn Scholarship, and the Ladies Auxiliary FRA scholarship sponsor may be deceased.

Three scholarships are available to the sponsor him/herself; the FRA non-member scholarship, the Schuyler S. Pyle Scholarship, and Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Scholarship.

Don’t limit yourself to the national scholarship opportunities. Again, many of the local FRAs offer scholarships to its members and/or their dependents as well. The national FRA can help you discover the local chapters in your area. Good luck!

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