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Applying for Military Scholarships

There are many military scholarships that retired military personnel, active duty soldiers, military spouses and dependents, and veterans can be awarded. Getting helpful information and knowing which to apply for are key ingredients that will help a person reach their educational goals. The following are some tips on applying for a military scholarship.

How to Apply for Military Scholarships?

  • The Family Support Center is a great resource for educational information such as military scholarships and their requirements. This is a great place and should be utilized because much of the information found here is not always advertised and may not be included through other sources. There are even local financial supporters that offer private scholarships at some bases.
  • Individuals can talk to a high school counselor for information about scholarships for which they may qualify.
  • The Internet can be used to do a scholarship search. Individuals can review a list of “financial aid resources” for some ideas about how to start a search.
  • Individuals can ask local groups, associations, clubs and employers if they offer scholarships.
  • When filling out a scholarship application, first determine if you qualify by examining all the information, even the fine print. This is mostly relevant in cases where active duty members are trying to use their GI bill benefits because often times these scholarships are not available for those who currently have additional sources of income or benefits. Also, when filling out the application, it should be filled out accurately and completely. Some of these applications may be easy to fill out while others may be more complex.  Each will require a person to have military status verification so this information should be included.
  • Consult with the financial aid office of the college or university that you wish to attend. Typically, schools located near the base are usually accustomed to helping military members and their families with financial aid issues. These institutions can sometimes provide a vast amount of helpful information for specialized scholarships, much like that of the Family Support Center.

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