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MGIB Selected Reserve Overview

The Montgomery GI Bill for Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) (Chapter 1606, Title 10) helps Reserve members of the military with educational expenses. MGIB-SR is the only educational benefit program available to members of Reserves without active duty service. The Reserves Educational Assistance Program (REAP) (Chapter 1607) is also available to members of the Selected Reserve (Sel Res) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) who have been called to duty and served at least 90 days of Active Duty on or after 9/11/2001. If a Reserve member goes on Active Duty they are eligible for regular Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) benefits after two years of service.

One important thing to be aware of is that you generally can’t receive benefits from more than one of these programs at a time. Trying to figure out which benefit is best when is very confusing. Regular VA counseling for all your benefit programs is helpful if you are in the Reserves.

A good general rule that you can apply across military benefits is that Active Duty (AD) service provides the most perks and benefits. From the time you are notified that you will be called-up, it is a good idea to find out which/when AD benefits (also known as Active Reserve Guard ARG) will be applicable to your situation. It’s useful to put all this information into a separate planner or graph so that it’s easy to track. Given the current operations and the extensive use of Reserve components it probably IS worth your time to understand, apply and receive AD benefits as soon as you are eligible.

MGIB-SR makes you eligible to receive up to 36 months of educational assistance. If you combine MGIB-SR benefits with other benefits, you can receive a maximum of 48 months combined educational benefits. How much assistance you receive using MGIB-SR is determined by your enrollment hours and the type of education or training you are interested in. You can use MGIB-SR educational assistance for academic degrees above a high school diploma or GED, correspondence and instructional programs, apprenticeships and on-the-job training, certain licensing and certification tests and some types of flight instruction programs. All programs must be accredited and/or approved by the VA.

If you became eligible before 10/1/1992, your MGIB-SR benefits must be used within 10 years of becoming eligible. If you became eligible after 10/1/1992 and you stay in the Selected Reserves, you have 14 years to use your benefits. In most cases, when you leave the military, your MGIB-SR benefits will end.

MGIB-SR is a great program that can be used by Reserve members to further their education and training. For many people the flexibility of the Reserves and access to military benefits such as MGIB-SR is the perfect combination.

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