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Top Five Reasons to Get Your Degree Now

Our current economy, in two words, really stinks. So much so, in fact, that service members and veterans are proud holders of some of the highest unemployment rates in recent years. And stories of overaggressive marketing tactics on military installations by some education providers are doing more to dissuade veterans from using their education benefits than they are to recruit future scholars.

Even though some well-paying industries are experiencing worker shortages, it is still challenging to find a good job without a college degree. Before you make any decisions about your educational pursuits, consider these reasons in favor of getting your degree.

1. Higher Salary – You might file this under the “duh” column, but there’s more to higher salary than meets the eye. Yes, everyone wants to make more money. But why? When you earn more money, you can save more money. When you save more money, you can do more good things for the good of the world, you can take interesting vacations to exotic places, or you can leave your children or grandchildren more money to pursue their dreams. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Critical Thinking – Your military experience has exposed you to people from a variety of backgrounds and points of view, which is a positive experience. Studying at a college level will help you expand on that perspective and help you develop even stronger critical thinking skills. These skills are even more important when times are tough. Employers need people who can think critically and solve problems.

3. Marketability – Saying the job market is competitive is like saying the desert is hot. Your military experience gives you an edge, but a degree gives you even greater marketability. Military career + training + degree = triple threat.

4. Military Education Benefits – When most college students graduate, they leave with a degree in hand and an average of nearly $30,000 in debt. Military students and veterans who use their education benefits aren’t forced to take whatever job they can find right after school – there is no one knocking on their door to collect those student loan payments. They can focus on the career of their choice.

5. Zombie Apocalypse – At the risk of seeming disrespectful, there are some people who are more suited to surviving a zombie apocalypse than others. Veterans are the obvious choice, given their training and all-around determined disposition. But when it’s over and the only people left standing are the US Armed Forces and the ones they love, it would be nice to already have that degree, wouldn’t it?

Zombie jokes notwithstanding, tough times bring out the best in some people; the worst in others. This current environment may be the perfect time for “battle-tested” service members to stand out in an academic setting.

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