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Three Money-Making Degrees You Can Earn in Two Years

Who says you have to commit to a four-year tour of duty in college to have a prosperous, rewarding career in a field you enjoy? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending that kind of time and money on a degree – but for a good many working adults, the physical and financial resources to make it happen just aren’t there. Even veterans and service members with earned military education benefits may have circumstances that prevent them from going on a four-year journey in academia.

There’s a solution. Imagine taking interesting courses at times that work for your schedule – and earning a degree in two years. Which means your career – and your wallet --feels a boost two years earlier.

Think it’s impossible? Think again.

Here are three degrees that qualify you for work in high-growth fields.

Degree: Associate’s in Business Administration

Career Launching Job: Human Resources Assistant

Nearly every company in business has a human resources staff that helps them recruit, hire, train, educate and compensate their employees. Human resources is a growing field with opportunity for the motivated candidate to advance into supervisory, managerial, director or even executive roles.

The average salary for entry level human resource assistants is about $37,000, according to the US Department of Labor.

Degree: Associate’s in Accounting

Career Launching Job: Bookkeeping Clerk

Find us a company that doesn’t care about accounting and we’ll show you a company that’s no longer in business. With a two-year associate’s degree in accounting, you can get your foot in the door, work hard, and advance through the ranks.

The US Department of Labor reports that the average annual salary of bookkeeping clerks is about $33,000.

Degree: Associate’s in Nursing

Career Launching Job: Emergency or Trauma Nurse

Where there are people, there are accidents and emergencies. An associate’s degree in nursing provides a solid foundation of technical skills and knowledge to care for people who’ve experienced life threatening situations. This degree is also a stepping stone to prepare you for the RN license exam.

According to's "Hourly Rate Snapshot for Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Room Jobs," the average salary range for emergency nurses is between $50K and 73K.

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