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Three Added Benefits of Online Degree Programs

Think the only benefit to online education is the flexibility to pursue your education in your spare time? Think again.

When you decide to pursue a degree online, suddenly geography is irrelevant. You don’t have to live in or be within driving distance of a college town – you just have to have access to the internet. This frees you up to choose a school based on its quality of faculty, accreditation, graduation rates, and other relevant criteria.

Plus, because of the widespread availability of high quality education programs, your classmates can be from anywhere across the globe. You will hear from a broad, culturally diverse group of people, which can be a very powerful learning experience in and of itself. Exposure to a wide variety of perspectives encourages creative thinking, critical analysis and truly fosters an engaging learning environment.

Finally, a recent survey of employers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2012 indicate that one of the most desirable qualities a recent graduate can bring to the workplace is technological ability. If you are technologically savvy enough to successfully complete an entire degree program via the internet, you can bring those abilities to a workplace and help the company succeed.

For example, instructors and professors in most online degree programs offer live office hours. During those office hours, students can live chat with them, review documents together, ask for and receive live demonstrations. Plus, in fields like computer science, the online degree program itself is very similar to actually working in the field. The exposure to this type of tech-supported environment adds to the graduate’s marketability when time comes to enter the job hunt.

Although most students do develop self-discipline and time management skills during their online degree program, most working adults, military students and spouses as well as veterans already bring those skills to the table. But online study programs do help to sharpen those existing skills as students balance their personal obligations with new study programs and school requirements.

If online education sounds like it might be an option for you, read on to find out about these hot degree programs.

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