What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Online Degrees for Adults with Busy Lives

The kids are screaming, your boss is irate, the parakeet hasn’t been fed in two days and now you’re going to do what? Drive a half hour to the college campus and spend two hours in a class? Then you come home and study and write a paper? Unless you’re powered by a radioactive spider bite, this lifestyle is neither realistic nor fun for most of us.

But if your goal is to go back to school and earn a degree consider the possibility of online education. The College Board, a nonprofit research group that promotes higher education, published a report in 2011 that stated that more than 90 percent of all academic leaders rate the scheduling flexibility of online degree programs “superior” or “somewhat superior “to face-to-face instruction.

So whether you’re in the military and looking to get a head start on your transition out, a military spouse who seeks a career boost, or you’re just longing to finish the degree you started years ago, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the flexibility and credibility an online degree program offers.

The Learning House, a group that helps colleges develop their online degree programs, conducted a study called “Online College Students 2012: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences.” They found that 68 percent of the students surveyed had enrolled in an online program to help them balance their family, work and school responsibilities.

One of the main reasons that students enrolled in an online program, according to the study, was the freedom that the online courses offered. Students in an online program can study any time and anywhere they have internet access.

If you’ve previously disregarded online coursework, now might be the time to give it a second look. There are plenty of degree programs available from accredited organizations. For example:

Paralegal Studies

There’s a reason John Grisham’s books are best sellers. The law is interesting and dramatic. If you have love of all things legal, look into earning your associate’s degree in paralegal studies.

Online paralegal degrees train students to conduct legal research and understand legal language, use LexisNexis (an online legal database), and write briefs and other legal documents. It also prepares you to work under the supervision of a licensed lawyer, which is what you’ll need to know to function in a law office.

Computer Science

If you have a desire to understand the way a computer works, computer science is a field in which you might thrive.

Computer science degrees offer students an in-depth look at what happens inside a computer as it problem solves. It covers software design theory, programming languages, and human-computer interaction. Plus, when you’re an online student, you will get hands-on experience working in teams on information forums.

Criminal Justice

Many former military members have a passion for criminal justice because of the shared ideals between the military and law enforcement organizations. When students also need flexibility, online criminal justice programs are an attractive, common sense option.

Criminal justice students learn about the justice system, historical court cases, and virtually every aspect of crime. There is a wide array of courses in criminal law programs, so be sure to exercise due diligence and research each program’s graduation requirements. Some schools offer homeland security and defense coursework but do not offer law enforcement administration, for example. If you are interested in a particular track, make sure your school offers it and is accredited and in good standing.

Public Administration

Did you love Model U.N. in high school? Have an affinity for student council or local government? Then you may be interested in an online public administration degree.

Public administration students hone their collaborative skills, and study how policy is enacted at the local, state and federal levels. They study welfare, crime, and other social issues and develop people management skills. An online program is ideal for people who are already in the public administration field to earn their degree and help them further their career.


There’s been a lot in the news lately about veterans choosing a second career in education. It is a viable, honorable, rewarding career for many vets, and studying online is an accommodating way to transition from service to civilian life.

Online bachelor's degrees in education teach students about instructional design, education theories and methods, and offer a combination of self-directed classwork with hands-on practice. Online communities also provide a convenient, fulfilling way to connect with other students and share ideas.

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