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Don't Let Busy Life Hold You Back From Earning Online Degree

Many students enrolled in online degree programs are busy from the moment they step out of bed in the morning.

Some students check their school email. Homework, papers, tests and classes.

Some check their work email. Full-time job.

Some check on other members of their family, specifically children, to make sure they eat a healthy breakfast and are ready for school. General superstar.

It's so easy being busy that all the moving parts can occasionally grind to a halt.

Being busy doesn't have to wear you down, though, especially if you work on effective time management skills to balance life's priorities. A busy life, coupled with a time management plan, can be a productive life.

It's never too late to earn an online education if you have a busy life. In fact, distance learning welcomes students to pursue their education while maintaining a full-time job and/or raising a family. Online learning's flexible schedule (you pretty much set it yourself) enables students to balance multiple priorities.

Are you thinking about going back to school, perhaps in an online setting, but are somewhat hesitant about the strain it might create on your work/life balance? You're not alone.

Grantham University recently released a report on its current new students and how they spend their time away from school work. The title of the report: New Student Satisfaction Survey: Student Time Commitment Overview.

From this report, it's perfectly common for online students to work a full-time job and/or raise a family while enrolled in an online degree program:
  • 74 percent of respondents reported working more than 40 hours a week.
  • 46 percent of respondents reported partaking in a weekly volunteer activity.
  • 18 percent of respondents reported caring for family members more than 40 hours a week.
Yes, on particularly busy days, there's the occasional urge to throw your computer off of a three-story balcony, but seriously think of how much better prepared for the future you'll be with the value of an education on your side.

The motivation that accompanies the decision to enroll in an online degree program while balancing a busy schedule definitely has long-term implications. For starters:

1. A promotion/raise
In the aforementioned GU report, 74 percent of respondents worked 40 hours per week. How many of those individuals do you think aspire to earn a promotion or raise at their full-time job? The vast majority? Ding ding ding. Earning an education could be the final step needed to earn that promotion or raise at your company.

2. A change of career
If you've found a career that you envision occupying for the rest of your life, congratulations. You are in the vast minority in this fast-paced, contemporary world of ever-changing technology and resources. If you're employed at a position you don't like, a degree in a separate field is the first item on the checklist in order to get the heck out of dodge.

3. Setting a good example for your children
In taking care of a family, parents are constantly looking for ways to set examples for their children. What better precedent to set for your loved one(s) than placing a premium on education and a foundation for the future?

4. Become a more well-rounded individual
Earning an education is about more than just obtaining your degree and becoming more marketable in a competitive job economy. In completing your coursework, you'll have more tools at your disposal in preparation for the professional world. You may feel more comfortable and confident in developing and maintaining professional relationships. You may even have a different outlook on your career of interest.

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