What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

10 Great Reasons Military Members Should Earn a College Degree

1. You've paid for it—military service members have already earned GI Bill tuition support and tuition assistance to help offset the cost of your college education.         

2. Degree holders earn more—statistics show a degree holder makes about twice as much money than those with a high school diploma.

3. Advance your career—earning a degree can help you earn promotion points or qualify for Officer Candidate School

4. Fast-track—your military training and prior coursework may count toward credit and help you save money and time.

5. Greater Opportunities—college provides access to work study opportunities, internships, and environments you may not otherwise have considered.  

6. More Confidence—going through a degree program can give you the confidence to take your career to the next level.

7. Life after the military—a degree could open the door to more employment opportunities when you leave the military.

8. Enhance your life—a college degree may provide benefits that will last a life-time including: more career options, better promotion opportunities, higher pay and lower unemployment.   

9. It's already tomorrow—if you are on active duty and don't use your TA benefits, you lose them. Veterans have 10 years from the date of separation to complete their education.  

10. Why Not?—you’ve got the funding, time and you certainly have the discipline, so why wouldn’t you use the military benefits you've earned?

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