What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

About Military Authority

Military Authority® was established with one simple goal – to give the Military community the very best information available about education benefits, career planning, pay, retirement planning and healthcare benefits, and much more.

Why do we offer this service?

Because we believe in and support military service members and their families. We believe in what you do. And we believe that you have a right – a fundamental right – to know about your benefits, to connect with one another, and to plan for life after the military. And we don’t think you should have to pay for that information.

Building a community.

Many of us at Military Authority have military connections of our own, either from active duty service or being family members of those who have served. We understand the special community the military creates and we want to help extend those relationships by creating a place where everyone connected to the military can share stories, discuss military life and support one another.

Help us help you!

Share the good news. Tell all your colleagues and family members about so they can benefit from the information and social connections.

We want to hear from you!

We are always happy to hear from our subscribers! So please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, comments, or ideas that you may have regarding the types of information that would be beneficial to YOU as a military service member.

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Military Authority welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions as one critical way to continuously improve our services to you.

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