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I am looking for information on entitlements’ for moving house hold goods. I was told by my PSD in Honolulu I do not receive any advance for travel. I would need to file my claim when we reach our destination. I wanted to find out the amount my family and I get per mile for driving from Oakland, CA to Denver, CO, and amount of per diem. I just want to make sure I am reimbursed for what I’m entitled. I assumed I would get advanced travel just like any other military move, but was told I did not get any advance by the PSD in Hawaii. Is this true, and do you know what instruction I can reference to for information on retired moves? Thanks.


Because you have asked about multiple expenses (moving household goods, per diem travel rates, a mileage, the best place to start is the Defense Travel Management Office’s website (DTMO). All of the charts needed to calculate these expenses can be found in links on this page:

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