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0 Air Force Bases (1)

  • Andrews AFB Camp Springs

  • Andrews Air Force Base, now called Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, is operated by the Air Force District of Washington and is located in Camp Springs, Maryland. It was built in 1945 and is now home to the 316th Wing and the 89th Airlift Wing of the American Materiel Command. The base is named after Lieutenant General Frank Maxwell Andrews, who was the former commander of the Air Force General Headquarters and former commanding General of the United States Forces of the European Theater of Operations. Andrews AFB is popular to former Presidents and Vice Presidents and frequently hosts their arrival in the base. Andrews Air Force Base is also the home base of Air Force One.

0 Army Bases (3)

  • Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen

  • Aberdeen Proving Ground is the oldest active proving ground operated by the United States Army. Located near Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland, Aberdeen Proving Ground is one of the premier military facilities in the world that focuses on research and development, testing, and operator training of major military weapons and equipment. Among the main institutions and organizations headquartered in Aberdeen Proving Ground are: the Churchville Test Area which tests and repairs the tanks and combat vehicles used by the Army, the Caroll Island and Graces Quarters, the Edgewood Chemical Activity, and the US Army Ordnance Corps Museum. It occupies more than 72,500 acres and employs more than 7,500 civilians, 3,900 military personnel, and 3,000 private contractors. It is also home to the 2,700 dependents of the active duty personnel serving in the installation.

  • Fort Detrick Frederick

  • Fort Detrick is a US Army Medical Installation tasked with developing various medical technologies such as foreign plant pathogen studies, biomedical research, medical materiel management, and global medical communications. It is located in 1,200 acres of land in Frederick, Maryland. Fort Derick was originally established as a small municipal airport in 1929. From then on until 1938, it served as an emergency airfield for Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington DC. It was named in honor of Major Frederick L. Detrick, a Squadron Surgeon who served during the First World War. Fort Detrick was a critical installation during its service as the center for the US biological weapons program. Today, it is home to the US Army Medical Research and Material Command, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the National Cancer Institute-Frederick, and the yet to be constructed National Interagency Biodefense Campus.

  • Fort Meade Odenton

  • Meade is a United States military post located in Odenton, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It was established as an Army Installation in 1917 as one of the sixteen temporary quarters for troops drafted before being deployed to Europe during the First World War. It was named in honor of the Union Army general, George Gordon Meade, during the American Civil War. Fort George G. Meade is currently home to the National Security Agency, Defense Information Services Agency, the Defense Information School, the Defense Courier Service, the US Army Field Band, the US Army Intelligence and Security Command, the First US Army assigned to the East, the Naval Security Group Activity, the 694th Intelligence Group of the US Air Force and the US Environmental Protection Agency Center. Fort Meade occupies 5,067 acres of land and is home to 10,000 active duty and reserve personnel, as well as 25,000 civilian personnel. It is also home to 6,000 dependents.

0 Coast Guard Bases (2)

  • Coast Guard Yard Baltimore

  • The Coast Guard Yard in the Anne Arundel County in Maryland is currently the only shipyard solely for the use of the United States Coast Guard. The facility serves as the main maintenance location for the Coast Guard’s fleet, as well as the only construction location for its new ships. The ship yard was first established in 1899, when the Coast Guard leased a piece of land from a prominent resident of the area. From then on, the yard was expanded in order to accommodate more vessels. At present, the yard’s operations are overseen by Capt. Richard Murphy of the Coast Guard. Aside from the maintenance of the USCG’s fleet of ships, the yard also conducts repairs on the armaments used on the ships. In 2007, the yard started the construction of a methane electricity generation plant for its use.

  • Surface Forces Logistics Baltimore

  • The Surface Forces Logistic Center in Baltimore, Maryland serves as the United States Coast Guards main logistics support unit. The center provides the Coast Guard’s surface fleet, as well as other departments, with the necessary information, supply, and engineering logistics for their operations The SFLC is also tasked with the procurement and evaluation of the supplies for the Coast Guard. Capt. Mark E. Butt is the current commander of the SFLC. In order to efficiently manage the Coast Guard’s inventory of equipment, the SFLC closely coordinates with several Industrial Services Activities (ISA) centers located around the country. These ISA’s deliver the necessary supplies for the local Coast Guard division they are assigned with. The SFLC also closely monitors the distribution of manpower in the Coast Guard units.

0 Navy Bases (5)

  • NAS Patuxent River Lexington Park

  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River is a US military air base in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. It was established on the 1st of April 1943 and stretches across 25 miles of shoreline adjacent to the mouth of the Patuxent River. The air station is tasked with supporting naval aviation operations through the research, development, testing, and evaluation of new aircraft as well as aircraft components and related products. For this reason, the facilities of the air station are also used by foreign governments, academic institutions, and private industries that serve the same purpose. At present, the air station is home to the US Naval Test Pilot School, the Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters, the Air Test Wing Atlantic, and the Aircraft Division Commands of the Naval Air Warfare Center.

  • Naval Academy Annapolis

  • The United States Naval Academy is a 338 acre federal military academy located in Annapolis, Maryland. It was established on the tenth of October, 1845 and is the second oldest service academy of the United States of America after the United States Military Academy located in West Point. The United States Naval Academy is responsible for training cadets who will later serve as commissioned officers for the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. Graduates of the Academy will be given ranks of Ensign for Navy service and Second Lieutenant for Marine Corps Service. The academy accepts 1,300 freshmen who are referred to as plebes. The academy’s students and officers-in-training are also referred to as midshipmen. Only 1000 midshipmen graduate from the academy each spring. On August 3rd, 2010, Vice Admiral Mike Miller replaced Vice Adm. Fowler as superintendent of the Naval Academy.

  • Naval Medical Center Bethesda

  • The National Naval Medical Center is the premier and flagship medical center operated by the US Navy, as well as one of the largest and most renowned medical centers in the world. It is located in Bethesda, Maryland and is also commonly called the Bethesda Naval Hospital. As a Federal Medical Institution, it has served the presidents and national leaders of the United States of America for more than sixty-five years. The National Naval Medical Center is staffed by 4,500 professional medical personnel and maintains its vision of being the Flagship of Force Health Protection and operational readiness. The National Medical Center is expected to be merged with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center by 2011. The new institution will be named the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

  • NSA Annapolis Annapolis

  • The Naval Support Activity in Annapolis, Maryland is a unit providing support duties for several United States Navy departments located in Maryland. Some of the units supported by the NSA include the Naval Academy, the Chesapeake branch of the United States Naval Research Laboratory and the former Naval Security Group. NSA Annapolis is under the command of Capt. Robert Windsor. NSA Annapolis has several programs that provide various aids to the families of Navy servicemen. One of these is the Fleet and Family Support Center, which provides assistance to the families of both active duty and retired servicemen. On the other hand, the Morale, Welfare and Recreation program is intended for maintaining the emotional and moral well-being of personnel. The NSA also assists in providing housing for personnel.

  • NSF Indian Head Indian Head

  • The Naval Support Facility Indian Head in Maryland is the home of the Naval Surface Warfare Indian Head Division. The NSWC Indian Head is composed of military and civilian scientists, who are tasked with developing and evaluating explosives and other ordnance, as well as their propulsion system, for the use of the United States Navy. The base operates under the command of Capt. Andrew Buduo, III, with Dr. Robert V. Gates acting as Technical Director. For its operations, the NSWC Indian Head has several testing facilities in the 3,400 acre facility. Aside from weapons development, Indian Head also maintains a Chemical and Biological Incident Response Force to deal with such incidents. The unit works closely with the NSWC Dahlgren Division in Virginia for research and development.