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What Can I do in The Army?

The Army truly is a place where you can Be All You Can Be. The Army has long defended and preserved our awesome nation and it has taken the best of the best to do this. The Army is a doorway for both men and women to pursue their hopes, dream and passions doing a job they both  love. The Army offers opportunities at home and overseas. The army offers literally hundreds of positions in 10 major categories.  A sampling of jobs you can do in the Army includes:

Army Careers:

Administrative: Are you a natural leader? Do you love to get the job done right the first time. These jobs may be for you.

Art and Media: Are you creative and naturally talented when it comes to this wide field? You may not think of the Army as needing these positions but there are many. and they are an important part of the Army and its success.

Combat: The Army is the oldest branch of the American military and they have earned the respect and honor in this self explanatory area. Combat training is superb and the mission clear. You will learn to be prepared to defend your country while learning from the best.

Computers and Technology; Construction and Engineering; Mechanics, Medical, Law Enforcement, and Aviation are other wide open fields where you can find awesome training under the umbrella of the Army.

So what are you waiting for? The Army is where you can find more than just a job. In the Army you will discover a lifetime career where you will make a difference in our nation and the lives of others.

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