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Reasons to Join the Military

Joining the military is a wonderful way to serve your country. Many people need no other reason than their love of country for them to sign those recruitment papers.  Others, however, like to really think about solid compelling reasons as to why joining the military is the right decision for them.

Below are five practical reasons to join the military:

Financial Security

Being in the military ensures that a person does not have to worry about money. As early as the recruitment process, there is monetary compensation through enlistment bonuses as incentive for joining. Advancements within the military can also mean bonuses and salary increases. Even in retirement there is compensation for service.

Job Security

It can be a very stressful thing not knowing where your next paycheck will come from or if you'll keep your job from year to year. There is always room for advancement in the military and there is always the security that you will be needed as long as you are willing to serve.

Learning New Skills

There are so many things that can be learned while in active service. Not only is there training in obvious military basic skills such as weapons' proficiency and law enforcement techniques, but there is also an opportunity to learn managerial skills, crisis management techniques and skills related to multi-cultural issues and living abroad.

Getting Fit

Basic training is something that a lot of people look forward to upon joining the military. Of course it's known for being brutal, but it's also designed to quickly transform someone into a disciplined and fit individual (while at the same time introducing a military lifestyle). It's an added bonus that being in the military keeps people active, healthy, and fit.


It's a rough world out there, especially with the economic environment today. Many people find that their lives are at a standstill because they are unable to further their education. Well, here's some good news: the military can help to pay for your education. By enlisting in the military, you can gain assistance with your tuition. By serving in the military, you can ensure yourself a college education.

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