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Traveling Commissaries Bring Benefits to Guard and Reserve Troops

If the mountain won’t move to Mohammad, then Mohammad must move to the mountain.

And so it is with commissary benefits. While Guardsmen and reservists have held full commissary shopping privileges for years, the benefit means very little to those who live many miles away from active duty military posts.

Which means that Guardsmen and reservists are effectively cut off from a valuable benefit that allows them to save up to 30 percent off of store prices in some areas – especially those underserved by private sector supermarkets?

The Defense Commissary Agency, or DeCA, is attempting to remedy this: It is taking commissary stocks on the road, moving them to areas where there are a large number of Reserve and Guard members who live or work a great distance from fixed commissary facilities, in their On-Site Sales program. They hold sales on site for two or three days.
This could be a great opportunity for families of reserve component troops to stock up for the holidays.
What do they need to make it work? DeCA officials are looking for the following conditions: A reserve training center or base with at least 150 troops Location at least 50 miles from the nearest commissary A sale to coincide with a drill weekend Sufficient space and power to run the sale, to include refrigeration for perishable items.
It’s also possible for troops and their families to pre-pay an order online. Then all they need do is come by the on-site sale facility during the sale and pick up the order.
The On-Site sales program dates back to the spring of 2000, when the first drill hall event was held at Maxwell Air Base, Alabama. Since then the program has expanded significantly, with exceptional participation in Hawai’i, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee.
Recent and upcoming events in October include: Roseburg, Oregon, October 12 and 13 Yakima, Washington, Yakima Training Center, October 12 and 13, Kalispell, Montana, Kalispell Armory, October 12-14 Carson City, Nevada, October 13 185th Air Refueling, Sioux City, Iowa, October 13-14 Rome Labs, 148 Electronics Way, Bldg. 2, Rome, New York, October 13-14 Kerney, Nebraska, 5710 Airport Road, October 19-20 Richmond, Kentucky, Bluegrass Army Depot, October 19-20 Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1801 Holtzclaw Avenue, October 25-27 Tupelo, Mississippi, National Guard Armory, 2705 West Jackson Street Hilo, Hawai’i, Armed Forces Reserve Center Gym, 1304 Kekuanoa Street, 26-28 October Mitchell, South Dakota, October 27-28
You can also find a schedule for November and going forward here. You can also find additional details on each event on this page, including what items will be available to purchase.
Any authorized commissary shopper can attend. You don’t have to be a Guardsman or reservist. Active duty dependents and authorized retirees can also buy groceries at on-site sales locations with a valid ID.
To set up a new event, contact your local military facility or post commander. Your post command can coordinate an event with the nearest commissary facility.

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