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Navy vs. Air force

Military Authority Member
Heather Haag September 8th, 2011

My boyfriend was previously in the Army nation guard. He was infantry and went through a vary rough basic training.My boyfriends younger brother has joined the navy recently and my boyfriend has made the decision to join the military as well. He is more for the navy. I'm not sure if its because of his brother. To get down to it I'm just worry for him and want the best. He is big on family and friends and that was the main reason he didn't stay in Army nation guard. Ive been researching air force vs navy and found..

*Greater sense of tradition
*Travel more
*More versatile training
*After in for a yr don't get a degree
*Know allot about other jobs as well as your own(Jake of all trades)
*med. advancement
*Spend more time away from home.
*basic 6-8 weeks

*Better food and housing
*More access to visit Family.
*Big on college educ cation. After yr have a degree
*Specialized training for your job,know your job inside and out
*slowest advancement.
*basic is 8 and 1/2 weeks

I would like to know what i found is true so i can talk to my boyfreind more about it.

P.S One big thing that I know my boyfriend is thinking about is the basic training and what its like for both because his was so rough.

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