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How to help/Need help

Military Authority Member
Paula Gentner January 6th, 2012

I have a brother in law that came home last Oct after a year over seas. He lost his fiance 6 weeks after he came home to suicide. Now he has started his own business and is living in the building non-legally. He is walking away form the home he owns free and clear for this. He also was being treated for ptsd and has decided to cut his doses in half or fourths because he feels he does not need a full dose, than he will get depressed and take a whole pill or two. My husband and I as well as our friends are very worried and don't know what to do or who to contact. We need help or suggestions or something please.


Military Authority Member
Admin Admin January 8th, 2012

Hi, Paula.

Your brother-in-law is lucky to have family who are so concerned and looking for ways to help. Many vets face PTSD alone, which makes the struggle even worse. Here are a few resources for you.

First, check out the official PTSD site from the Department of Veterans Affairs:

Then connect with one of these support groups. They usually can help connect you with support groups — for both your BIL and for yourself (families need support, too) — and can often help find a peer, mentor or sponsor for support, similarly to how AA supports members through a network of others who have shared a similar background or experience.

Good luck to your family. Our thoughts are with you.

Military Authority Member
Antonella May 27th, 2012

I do think however, getnitg it from war like meis worse than all the others no offense. But sitting behind a tree praying a piece of shrapnel wont hit you as machine guns fire and people scream and there's nothing you can do to save them and hearing the enemy shout I'n foreign languages and knowing you have to kill someone take someones life for your country just ..god's horrible. I never go within a two mile radius of a fun store I'n case ya know

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