What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Work Restoration Programs

VA provides vocational assistance and therapeutic work opportuni¬ties through several programs for veterans receiving VA health care. Each program offers treatment and rehabilitation services to help veterans live and work in their communities. 

Participation in the following VA Work Restoration Programs cannot be used to deny or discontinue VA compensation or pension benefits. 

Incentive Therapy: is a pre-vocational program available at 70 VA Medical Centers and frequently serves as a mainstay for seriously disabled veterans for whom employment is not considered viable in the fore¬seeable future. Participants receive a token payment for services provided. 

Compensated Work Therapy (CWT): is a vocational program available at 141 VA Medical Centers. Veterans receive an individualized vocational assessment, rehabilitation planning and work experience with the goal of job placement in the community. The program works closely with community-based organizations, employers and state and federal agencies to establish transitional work experiences, sup¬ported employment opportunities, direct job placement and support¬ive follow-up services. 

CWT/Transitional Residence: provides work-based, residential treatment in a stable living environment. This program differs from other VA residential bed programs in that participants use their earn¬ings to contribute to the cost of their residences and are responsible for planning, purchasing and preparing their own meals. The pro¬gram offers a comprehensive array of rehabilitation services includ¬ing home, financial and life skills management.

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