What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Veteran Health Registeries

Certain veterans can participate in a VA health registry and receive free medical examinations, including laboratory and other diagnostic tests deemed necessary by an examining clinician. VA maintains health registries to provide special health examinations and health-related information. To participate, contact the nearest VA health care facility or visit

Gulf War Registry: For veterans who served in the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). 

Depleted Uranium Registries: VA maintains two registries for vet¬erans possibly exposed to depleted uranium. The first is for veterans who served in the Gulf War, including OIF. The second is for veterans who served elsewhere, including Bosnia and Afghanistan. 

Agent Orange Registry: For veterans possibly exposed to dioxin or other toxic substances in herbicides used during the Vietnam War, while serving in Korea in 1968 or 1969, or as a result of testing, transporting, or spraying herbicides for military purposes. 

Ionizing Radiation Registry: For veterans possibly exposed to atomic radiation during the following activities: atmospheric detona¬tion of a nuclear device; occupation of Hiroshima or Nagasaki from Aug. 6, 1945, through July 1, 1946; internment as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II; serving in official military duties at the gaseous diffusion plants at Paducah, KY.; Portsmouth, OH; or the K-25 area at Oak Ridge, TN., for at least 250 days before Feb. 1, 1992, or in Longshot, Milrow or Cannikin underground nuclear tests at Amchitka Island, Alaska, before Jan. 1, 1974; or treatment with nasopharyngeal (NP) radium during military service. 

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