What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

VA Outpatient Dental Treatment

VA outpatient dental treatment includes the full spectrum of diagnos¬tic, surgical, restorative and preventive procedures.  The extent of care provided may be influenced by eligibility category. 


The following veterans are eligible to receive dental care: 
  • Veterans with service-connected, compensable dental conditions.
  • Former POWs.
  • Veterans with service-connected, non-compensable dental conditions as a result of combat wounds or service injuries. 
  • Veterans with non service-connected dental conditions determined by VA to be aggravating a service-connected medical problem. 
  • Veterans with service-connected conditions rated permanently and totally disabling or 100 percent by reason of permanent unemployability.
  • Veterans in a VA vocational rehabilitation program.
  • Certain enrolled homeless veterans. 
  • Veterans with non service-connected dental conditions that received dental treatment while an inpatient in a VA facility.
  • Veterans requiring treatment for dental conditions clinically determined to be complicating a medical condition currently under treatment.

Recently discharged veterans who served on active duty 90 days or more and who apply for VA dental care within 180 days of separation from active duty, may receive a one time dental treatment if their cer¬tificate of discharge does not indicate that they received necessary dental care within a 90-day period prior to discharge. 

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