What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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VA Health Care Travel Costs

Certain veterans may be reimbursed for travel costs to receive VA medical care. Reimbursement is paid at 41.5 cents per mile -and is subject to a deductible of $3 for each one-way trip and $6 for a round trip; with a maximum deductible of $18 per calendar month. Two exceptions to the deductible are travel for C&P exam and special modes of transportation, such as an ambulance or a specially equipped van. These deductibles may be waived when their imposition would cause a severe financial hardship.


Payments may be made to the following: 
  • Veterans whose service-connected disabilities are rated 30 percent or more.
  • Veterans traveling for treatment of a service connected condition. 
  • Veterans who receive a VA pension.
  • Veterans traveling for scheduled compensation or pension examinations.
  • Veterans whose gross household income does not exceed the maximum annual VA pension rate. 
  • Veterans whose medical condition requires a special mode of transportation, if they are unable to defray the costs and travel is pre-authorized. Advance authorization is not required in an emergency if a delay would be hazardous to life or health.

Reimbursement Process
  • Veterans with a checking account that can accept direct deposits can choose to have their reimbursement deposited within 3 business days of submitting their travel voucher, or
  • Veterans without the option of direct deposit will receive a check in the mail in up to 10 business days, depending on how long it takes to mail it from the VA processing center to their home address.

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