What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Nursing-Home Care For Veterans

VA provides nursing home services through three national programs: VA owned and operated nursing homes, state veterans’ homes owned and operated by the state, and contract community nursing homes. Each program has its own admission and eligibility criteria.

VA provides nursing home services to Veterans through three national programs: VA owned and operated Community Living Centers (CLC), State Veterans' Homes owned and operated by the states, and the community nursing home program. Each program has admission and eligibility criteria specific to the program. Nursing home care is available for enrolled Veterans who need nursing home care for a service-connected disability, and those rated 60 percent service-connected and unemployable; or Veterans or who have a 70 percent or greater service-connected disability. VA provided nursing home care for all other Veterans is based on available resources.

VA Community Living Centers: Community Living Centers (CLC) provide a dynamic array of short stay (less than 90 days) and long stay (91 days or more) services. Short stay services include but are not limited to skilled nursing, respite care, rehabilitation, hospice, and continuing care for Veterans awaiting placement in the community. Long stay services include but are not limited to dementia care and continuing care to maintain the Veteran's level of functioning. Short stay and long stay services are available for Veterans who are enrolled in VA health care and require CLC services.

State Veterans’ Home Programs: The state veterans’ home program is a cooperative venture between the states and VA whereby the states petition VA for matching construction grants and once granted, the state, the veteran, and VA pay a portion of the per diem. The per diem is set in legislation. State veterans homes accept all veterans in need of long-term or short-term nursing home care. Specialized services offered are dependent upon the capability of the home to render them.

Community Nursing Home Program: VA maintains contracts with community nursing homes though every VA medical center. The pur¬pose of this program is to meet the nursing home needs of veterans who require long-term nursing home care in their own community, close to their families.

Eligibility: The general admission criteria for nursing home place¬ment requires that a resident must be medically stable, i.e. not acutely ill, have sufficient functional deficits to require inpatient nurs¬ing home care, and is assessed by an appropriate medical provider to be in need of institutional nursing home care. Furthermore, the veteran must meet the required VA eligibility criteria for nursing home care or the contract nursing home program and the eligibility criteria for the specific state veterans’ home.

Home and Community Based Services: In addition to nursing home care, VA offers a variety of other long-term care services either directly or by contract with community-based agencies. Such services include adult day health care, respite care, geriatric evaluation and management, hospice and palliative care, skilled nursing and other skilled professional services at home, home health aide services, and home based primary care. Veterans receiving these services may be subject to a co-pay.

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