What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Extended VA Care

VA provides institutional long term care to eligible veterans through VA Nursing Homes, Community Nursing Homes, State Veterans Homes, and Domiciliaries.

VA Nursing Home Care Program provides compassionate care in an interdisciplinary environment to eligible veterans with sufficient functional impairment to require the level of service and skill available in VA nursing homes. Veterans with chronic stable conditions including dementia, those requiring rehabilitation or short term specialized services such as respite or intravenous therapy, or those who need comfort and care at the end of life are served in the VA Nursing Home Care Units.

Their goal is to restore residents to maximum function, prevent further decline, maximize independence, and/or provide comfort when dying. Most VA nursing home care units are well suited to providing short-term, restorative and rehabilitative care up to 100 days, and longer term care for veterans who meet eligibility criteria and/or require end of life care, prolonged active rehabilitation, are unable to sustain a placement in a community nursing home, or lack of a clinically appropriate community alternative.

The Community Nursing Home (CNH) Program has maintained two cornerstones: some level of patient choice in choosing a nursing home as close as possible to the veteran’s home and family; and a unique approach to local oversight of CNHs. The latter hallmark consists of annual reviews and monthly patient visits. VA Health Care Facility (VAHCF) staff are the only Federal officials charged with regularly visiting nursing homes.

A State home is owned and operated by a State. They may provide nursing home care, domiciliary care, and/or adult day health care. VA provides federal assistance to States by participating in a percentage of the cost of construction/renovation and/or per diem costs. In addition, VA assures that State homes provide quality care through an annual inspection, audit, and reconciliation of records conducted by the VA medical center of jurisdiction to assure that VA standards are met.

Domiciliary care is a residential rehabilitation program that provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term health maintenance to veterans who require minimal medical care as they recover from medical, psychiatric or psychosocial problems. Most domiciliary patients return to the community after a period of rehabilitation.

VA may provide domiciliary care to veterans whose annual income does not exceed the maximum annual Improved Disability VA Pension Rate or to veterans who have been determined to have no adequate means of support.

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