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VA Disability Compensation Eligibility

VA Disability Compensation pays veterans who are disabled or injured while on active duty tax-free compensation to help them meet their living expenses once they leave the military. Disability compensation is paid according to VA rate tables that classify and qualify compensation based on the severity of the disability. In order to be eligible for Veteran Disability Compensation, a service member must first obtain a disability rating by filing a claim with the VA using the Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension, Form 21-526.

If you file Form 21-526 within one year of release from duty, you are eligible to receive VA compensation retroactively. If you apply after this one-year period, your compensation will begin the date you file your claim. Currently the top monthly payment is $3,014.

Veterans Who Are Eligible for VA Disability Compensation:

  • Veterans who have a service-related disability and were discharged under any circumstance except dishonorable discharge
  • Veterans with a service-related disability incurred while on active duty
  • Injury or disease resulting from active duty service
  • Injury or disease aggravated or worsened due to active duty service
  • Paid to certain veterans injured or disabled from VA Health Care

Veterans who are partially disabled are still eligible for VA Disability Compensation. The tables start paying a Veteran without dependents with a 10% disability $123.00 a month.

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