What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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US Family Health Plan - Is it right for me?

The U.S. Family Health Plan's goal is to provide health care for uniformed service members and their families. The Family Health Care Plan’s intention is to have the best cared for and satisfied members available and they do not disappoint. It is an option of the TRICARE Prime Plan and offers benefits for active duty family members. This plan even covers members of one's family that are over 65 years of age regardless of whether or not they are able to be covered by Medicare. This is extremely beneficial because this can help to cover pretty much every member of an active duty service professional’s career.

Service areas are limited to the Northeast coast, Northwest coast, and a small part of the Gulf coast. To determine if this plan is right for you, first check the coverage areas. Any individual that relies on the military health system and is eligible for DEERS can enroll. This is a great plan, so if you think it may be right for you contact TRICARE or enroll through their website.

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