What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Standard Overseas (Out-of-pocket) Costs

TRICARE Standard Overseas coverage is available for currently serving and retired military members and their families who don't qualify for, or choose not to utilize, the TRICARE Prime Overseas coverage. The out-of-pocket cost for TRICARE Standard Overseas coverage varies depending on the current military status of the family's sponsor. Active duty members generally pay a lot less out-of-pocket than retired members and their families. After making your annual deductible payment, you must pay for a percentage of your coverage. Active duty members and their family pay 20% of the TRICARE allowable charge for outpatient cost-share and a $25 dollar minimum charge per visit for inpatient cost.

Retired service members and their families pay 25% of the TRICARE allowable charge as well as 25% of billed charges for institutional services, plus 2%5 of covered costs for professional services on separate bills.

More information about out-of-pocket payments is available in the official Summary of Beneficiary Costs Flyer available on TRICARE's official website and at any of the regional TRICARE Service Centers.

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