What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Retired Reserve (Out-of-pocket) Costs

The TRICARE Reserve Plan is among the best for members of the reserve. As far as out of pocket costs are concerned, they are higher then some of the other military health care plans, primarily because it is not for active service members. There is a monthly premium that goes along with this plan. If you are simply covering yourself, you are required to pay $53.16 per month, whereas if you are covering your entire family it is $197.76 each month. You can purchase the plan at any time of year, as there are no tiers or seasons in which you have to enroll. The inpatient cost share is $16.85 for each day, with a $25 minimum charge. The $25 charge is the minimum that will be charged if you are in inpatient care and your bill is less than $25 total. This charge is the same for network and non network providers. For network providers you will pay 15% of the negotiated rate for out patient care, whereas with non-network it will be 20% of the allowable TRICARE charge.

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