What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Reserve Select - Is it right for me?

To find out of TRICARE Reserve Select is right for you it is important to find out if you qualify. If you qualify a general rule of thumb is any health care plan you can get through the military will be a much better deal than most civilian plans. Keep in mind there are some employers outside of the military that have some very good plans, but usually deciding which plan is right for you requires that you weigh the costs with the coverage. The monthly premiums for the Reserve Select plan that TRICARE offers are $54.35 per individual or $192.89 for a family. Aside from getting a great plan through an employer, it is difficult to come by a health care plan that has a cheaper premium. As far as the coverage goes, the inpatient care is a little more than $16 a day with a $25 minimum charge. The outpatient care depends on if you are in their network. If you choose an in network provider, the costs will be less. To find out if this plan is right for you check the official TRICARE website for more information.

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