What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas - Is it right for me?

Finding out if TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas is right for you is best achieved by asking if you are right for it. There are very strict guidelines for applying for this coverage and most any TRICARE Prime health care plan. In general, Prime is only for active duty members, but there are some exceptions to this. In addition, to be covered by any TRICARE Prime plan, you must live in an area that provides this service. Of course anyone that is serving overseas will be near a military treatment facility and be able to receive the care that they need. This is a much sought after plan because it requires very little payment. In fact the TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas plan requires no annual fee, no enrollment fee, and virtually no out of pocket costs to the patient whatsoever. If you think you meet the eligibilty requirements, you should check with military professionals in person or online to see if this plan is right for you.

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