What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Suicide Prevention Booklet

USAA, the financial conglomerate that focuses on providing banking, lending and insurance services to the military community, has published a booklet, Suicide Prevention, providing information tailored especially to members of the military and their families.

The news comes as the military is rocked by news of an escalating suicide problem within its ranks. The problem is commanding attention right up to the Secretary of Defense. “What I've tried to do, very frankly, is to make sure that not only the secretary (of Defense), but all of the military leadership kick ass on this issue," said Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to a reporter from USAToday.” Leaders ought to be judged by how they lead on this issue."

The contents of the USAA booklet are available online at the USAA Educational Foundations’ Web site. Interested parties can also order a high-quality printed version of the book via the foundation’s web site. Publication and shipping are free of charge.

If you or your unit operate a day room, lobby, waiting area, library, business or other area frequented by military members and their families, this is an ideal publication to offer.

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