What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

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Are you Eligible for VA Health Care?

VA Health Care eligibility is determined by many different factors. To be eligible you must have served on active duty and have been honorably discharged. Members of the National Guard and Reserves called to active duty by a Federal Order who have completed the full call-up period and have an honorable discharge are also eligible for VA Health Care provided they meet a whole series of other variables. Being eligible for VA Health Care takes into account a veteran’s service-related disability, the percentage of that disability, the length of service, prisoner of war internment, Purple Heart, VA pension, disability benefits, any state Medicaid benefits, current income level and future income potential and the funds available to the VA.

After filling out the application for VA Health Care you will then receive a priority rating between 1-8. Priority 1 Vets are entitled to the most care. These are veterans who have more than a 50% service-related disability and/or have been determined by the VA to be unemployable.

Priority 2 Veterans are 30%-40% disabled. Priority 3 Veterans are rated 10-20% disabled and also include former POW’s, Purple Heart recipients, veterans discharged because of a service-related disability, veterans disabled by VA Healthcare or vets participating in VA vocational rehabilitation.

Priority 4 Veterans includes those receiving aid or housebound benefits from the VA or those who have been deemed catastrophically diabled. Priority 5 Veterans are those receiving VA pension benefits, those eligible for Medicaid and those who meet the VA Means Test Threshold.

Priority 6 Veterans includes those who have an illness related to specific conflicts or exposures and those receiving VA compensation. These include things like Agent Orange for Vietnam and Gulf War Syndrome.

Priority 7 Veterans includes any with incomes above Threshold but below the Geographic Means Test Threshold and previously enrolled veterans. Priority 8 Veterans are those whose income currently doesn’t exceed the Geographic Means test Threshold by 10%.

Once enrolled for VA Heath Care you can use any of the VA’s facilities throughout the country. There are approximately 1,400 facilities and many specialize in certain kinds of illnesses. Access to VA Health Care is really one of the best benefits of serving active duty in the military.

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