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What Military Spouses Need To Do During Convalescent Leave

Just like any other ordinary employee, military servicemen also enjoy privileges of an emergency leave. There are several emergency leave available to members of the military based on their particular needs; and convalescent leave is one of those. As a military spouse, you play a very important part in taking care of your husband or wife; from the approval of leave to his or her immediate recovery.

Convalescent leave is a non-chargeable absence from duty granted to speed up a military serviceman’s recovery and return to full duty after an illness, serious injury or surgery. If in any case your husband applying for convalescent leave is capable of performing even the slightest job, then it is more likely that he will not be granted leave.

There are steps to be followed when applying for convalescent leave. If in case both of you are in the military and it happens that your husband is seriously ill and no one is expected to take care of him except you, then you are allowed to file for an emergency leave to fulfil your role as a military spouse. The following are helpful tips to make sure that you are following the right procedures and speaking to the right person for the approval of your leave.

  • Talk to your chain of command and discuss about your spouse’s condition. Based on the Army Regulation 600-8-10, you are allowed up to 30 days emergency leave in case your spouse is injured, underwent surgery or is seriously ill. Ask for permission that you are requesting a leave of absence.
  • You need to accomplish a Request and Authority for Leave Form. Be sure to fill out necessary information which includes, of course, your identification, your address in case you will be going to another place not your place of residence and the number of days you will be on leave. You also have to make sure you have checked the box marked “Emergency”.
  • After you have filled out all the important information in your leave form, you need to attach a copy of your Leave and Earning Statement. This is for purposes of determining how much should be charged to you. You are only allowed up to a certain extent depending on how much you are eligible to take.
  • Submit your application form including the supporting documents to your department’s personnel office. The personnel officer will be the one to hand your application to the commander and will return it afterwards.

Taking care of your military spouse in the event of serious illness and injury is something you should not take for granted. So make sure you have enough information regarding emergency leave to save you from any hassle when such situation comes.

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