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Support Groups, Workshops and Seminars for Military Spouses and their Families

If you are a military spouse, or parent or child of a service member, you might already be aware of different workshops available which aim to strengthen family bonds stemming from separations during deployments.

Our service members have sacrificed being with their families to serve their country and, of course, their efforts are all properly recognized. But they are not the only one making sacrifices; their families do as well. Because of that, their spouses and their families deserve equal recognition. That is basically the idea of several workshops and seminars; that is to assist you, military spouses and your whole family, in handling loneliness, frustrations and difficulties once a loved one is set to leave for duty or is sent for deployment.

Some of the workshops being sponsored by the military include:

Returning Warrior Workshop – Returning Warrior Workshops help service members coming home from war reintegrate with families and society. The purpose of this workshop is to honor military members for their sacrifices and to raise awareness of warriors who may have difficulty adjusting following their deployment.

Strong Bond Retreat – This is for married military couples who were separated due to deployment. This retreat aims to ensure a strong bond between couples by always keeping them in touch. Constant communication is one of the strongest ways of keeping two people connected even through separation.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration – The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is an effort to promote the safety of military service members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle. Through Yellow Ribbon events, service members and loved ones connect with local resources before, during, and after deployments. Through this program, families of military personnel, especially military spouses and their children, achieve better understanding of each others' feelings as well as what to expect when deployment ends.

Aside from these seminars and workshops, there are several family support groups which aim to offer assistance in meeting the challenges of life in the military. Military spouses most certainly need help in handling situations with regards to occasional changes in the military. Life is never easy, but with the help of different government assisted seminars and organizations that offer family support, it can be easier to accept difficulties, struggles and constant changes as part of the military lifestyle.

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