What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Changes to SBP Beneficiary Status


A divorce's impact on SBP election depends not only on your wishes, but also on the requirements imposed by the court-ordered divorce decree.

If your divorce decree contains no language mandating you to elect Former Spouse coverage, then you have complete freedom to either have the former spouse removed from the plan or to voluntarily continue the coverage.

If you remove your former spouse from the plan, any premiums deducted beyond the date of divorce will be refunded. If you choose to voluntarily cover your former spouse under the plan, you have until one year after the date of divorce to do so.

If your divorce decree requires you to cover your former spouse, either you or your former spouse must declare your intentions to claim Former Spouse SBP coverage in writing within one year of the date of divorce. To do this, please complete a SBP Election Statement for Former Spouse Coverage (DD 2656-1) and mail or fax it to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay.

Death of a Spouse

The death of a spouse covered under the plan results in immediate termination of coverage for that spouse. If the spouse alone was covered, cost will terminate and any premiums paid beyond the date of death will be refunded. If the spouse was covered with children, the election and its costs will change so that only the eligible children are covered.


Changes to your account upon remarriage will depend upon whether you were married at retirement.

If you were married and elected Full Spouse coverage at retirement, you can notify us at any time of your remarriage and a new Full Spouse election will automatically begin effective one year after that marriage date. Spousal concurrence must be obtained to begin coverage at any level lower than the original Spouse election.

If you were married at retirement and elected not to cover your spouse, you cannot ever cover another spouse throughout retirement.

If you were not married at retirement, you must notify us of your intentions to add your spouse to the plan within one year of your marriage. The election will become effective and premium costs will begin to be deducted upon your first anniversary.

To make changes to your spouse election, please complete a Survivor Benefit Plan Election Change Certificate (DD 2656-6) and mail or fax it to DFAS R&A Pay.

Birth of a Child

Upon the birth of a new child, please inform us by supplying us with a copy of the birth certificate.

If you had no children at retirement, we will add the child to the plan and an additional, nominal amount will be added to your monthly premium.

If you did have children at retirement and elected to cover them under the plan, we will add this youngest child and recalculate your cost based on a factor considering your age and the age of this child.

If you had children at retirement and elected not to cover them, any new or existing children will not be covered under the plan throughout your retirement.

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