What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Hope Now Expanding Efforts to Help Military Families with Mortgage Problems

Hope Now, an organization devoted to helping consumers deal with mortgage-related financial problems, is expanding its efforts to reach the military community. Hope Now is a voluntary, private sector alliance of mortgage servicers, investors, mortgage insurers and non-profit counselors. Consisting of hundreds of partner participants across the country, Hope Now works to reach consumers with information and education on how best to deal with the problems of avoiding or coping with foreclosure, or getting back on track so they can keep their homes.

As part of this effort, Hope Now recently brought representatives from several of the largest mortgage servicers to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Unlike many similar programs that focus on civilian communities, which frequently only have representatives from the Big Five mortgage companies still standing, Hope Now also had the wherewithal to bring additional representatives of special interest to service members and their families: USAA and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Both events drew over 160 military families each.

Hope Now is planning on expanding its effort to include many more military communities. In April, Hope Now announced plans to hold events at Fort Lewis, Washington, and Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Dates are still pending, but a Hope Now spokesperson stated they were looking at this fall, because there’s usually a wave of PCS orders that comes out around then.

A listing of Freddie Mac foreclosure prevention events and outreach programs, including some of Hope Now’s events, is available here.

What to Bring

In many cases, you will be able to bring some key documents, and have a representative from your mortgage servicer look over your situation and let you know if you may qualify for certain assistance programs.

When you go to a Hope Now event, be sure to gather and bring the following documents:

  • Most recent tax return with all the schedules and W-2s
  • Two most recent bank statements
  • Two most recent LES statements, pay stubs (if you receive them) or documentation of your income you receive from other sources (e.g. alimony or child support)
  • Monthly mortgage statement showing the mortgage servicer information and the mortgage loan account number
  • Information about other mortgages on your home, if applicable
  • Account balances and minimum monthly payments due on all your credit cards
  • Account balances and monthly payments on your other debts (such as student loans and car loans)
  • Estimates of monthly expenditures (such as utility bills, food expenses, insurance payments, medical bills, etc.)
  • Profit and loss statement (if applicable)
  • Income statement (if applicable)

Hope Now also supports a number of related educational and outreach programs. For additional information or help understanding your options, military families (and anyone else who reads this) can dial (888) 995-HOPE, or visit the organization’s website at

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