What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

National Association of Veterans Upward Bound Scholarship

Veterans Upward Bound, a program of the U.S. Department of Education, helps military veterans brush up on academic skills to improve their chances at success in college. The National Association of Veterans Upward Bound is a professional organization developed to assist in the professional development of those who work in the 47 Veterans Upward Bound programs across the United States and Puerto Rico (as of 2012).

In 2003 they decided to develop the National Association of Veterans Upward Bound Scholarship to directly assist students. This scholarship has since grown in both number awarded and dollar amount. Seven scholarships are now awarded, including a Combat Tracker Scholarship, formed in part with financial support by Vietnam Veteran Combat Tracker associations and only given to students who were combat trackers while serving.

Unlike other programs, you cannot apply for this scholarship. You must be nominated by a staff member of the National Association of Veterans Upward Bound program that is in good standing. Now, while you can’t directly apply, nothing says you can’t be proactive. If you want it, ask to be nominated. The worst they can say is yes, and you have to fill out all the forms.

Speaking of which, the paperwork requirements are similar to other scholarships. You need the application form, the letter of nomination from a NAVUB staff member, a letter of recommendation (it cannot be from the NAVUB staff member who nominated you), and a two-page essay titled ”How Veterans Upward Bound Has Made It Possible for Me to Pursue a College (or Vocational/Technical) Education." Selection is based on six categories:

  • nomination letter;
  • recommendation letter;
  • activities/achievements;
  • academics;
  • student essay; and
  • financial need.

After selection, the student and the NAVUB office that nominated the student must provide proof of attendance. The student must provide a color photograph to be used for promotional purposes. Unlike other military-related scholarships, there is no claw back provision; no financial aid letter must be sent, and the check gets cut directly to the student.

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